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We’re a network of global businesses with people who are passionate about designing, building and supporting some of the most advanced technologies and services the world has ever seen. By working together and supporting one another, amazing things happen-- we push the boundaries of what's possible, soar to new heights and reach for the extraordinary.

Gaining New Experiences
Working for a global company like Textron, Nicole, an HR systems analyst at Textron Systems, has “endless” opportunities for growth.
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More than a Job, It’s a Career
Ashley is using his leadership skills as an infantry officer at Textron. As a factory focus manager for Kautex, he is making a difference to drive quality and efficiency.
Taking Pride in our Products
Emi, a Textron Specialized Vehicles logistics sourcing specialist, takes pride in being part of a company with iconic brands. She loves seeing our products in action.
We're Reaching New Heights
Beyond Expectation: The Bell V-280 Valor Delivers Results
As the U.S. Army-led Joint Multi-Role Technology Demonstrator (JMR TD) program wraps up, Bell’s revolutionary tiltrotor continues to turn heads with outstanding performance and shines a spotlight on the benefits of modernization.
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